LaForte project conquers Silkomo

The successful development of the integrated Aleph’s project LaForte which bases its success on wide-format industrial inkjet printers on paper and fabric, conquers Silkomo, important textile company in the textiletextile district of Como.

Supporting the company with modern solutions in line with the needs of production, Aleph has proposed a technology upgrade inside Silkomo print division. Through the introduction of a new plotter for digital printing on transfer paper, the LaForte Paper, Aleph secured to the client the best balance between speed and quality. Silkomo truly needed a more powerful printer in order to strengthen the technical department and meet the demands of its national and international customers operating in textile and fashion markets.

The LaFortePaper, produced and installed at Silkomo, has its own integrated management software and a production speed of 300 sqm/h for a terrific result of 40.000 meters per month which means half million meters per year.
The further improved automatic alignment of print heads, the stability of the printing support – thanks to a patented system using an innovative rotary belt with air vacuum system – and the new software matrices designed for dot layout are the elements that ensure exceptional performance rather than competitors machines. Moreover there is a significant reduction of operating costs due to the halving of the number of printing heads. The Aleph technical department dedicated two days of training and coaching to illustrate all the printer’s capabilities.

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