Pigment ink by Velvet Jet at Heimtextile

Velvet Jet will showcase at Heimtextile in Frankfurt the water based pigment ink for all fabrics

Velvet Jet, a Bordeaux Digital PrintInk division for textile printing inks, developed the industry’s first pigment ink that prints on all fabrics with one simple process, introduced at ITMA 2015.

Now the new Velvet Jet water based pigment ink for all fabrics will be showed at Heimtextile.

Its characteristics include uniform coverage for quality prints on any type of fabric while preserving of the natural feel of fabrics. In addition, the ink requires only a single pretreatment to all different fabrics, thus significantly simplifying the non-printing process, while the fact there is no post treatment to the ink shortens the entire process and significantly reduces electricity and water consumption.

Ink attributes such as rub and wash resistance are high even without any pretreatment to the fabric. When using Velvet Jet optimizer the test results are among the highest in the market with 5/5 wash and rub resistance and 7/8 color fastness.

As home textile, fashion, Décor and garment manufacturers are looking into digital printing process for easy and efficient processes, Velvet Jet ink, with the simple one ink-one process for all fabrics digital, is expected to dominate the textile printing arena.

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