Filmar’s collection spring summer 2017

At Pitti, the Egyptian White Gold shows off its ethical soul

The Filmar’s collection is based on the basic principle of Cottonforlife Initiative, an integrated five-year program, launched by Filmar Spa

with the support of the Alexbank aimed at enhancing a fully eco-friendly and socially responsible textile industry. Through the initiative Filmar defines its commitment in favor of green practices by getting directly involved in a big challenge aimed at transparency and sustainability of its production processes.

Cottonforlife has so far supported the organic cultivation of extra long staple organic cotton in Egypt and has enhanced the achievement of industrial plants based on eco-compatible processes, respectful of people wellbeing and social criteria. Moreover the initiative supports farmers’ villages with concrete actions to improve their everyday life. Cottonforlife cares about natural resources and human beings. It triggers a virtuous circle of knowledge and cultural exchanges among countries and people.

NILO’s quality is therefore the expression of a grand industrial and responsible project. Nilo is born in the homonymous fertile delta, in Kafr Saad, a center located in the Damietta Region, in the organic lands registered in the EOA (Egyptian Organic Agriculture) maps.

Finishing and dyeing is performed according to international standards and certifications. Nilo is slow by attitude, eco-sustainable, and cosmopolitan. It promotes sustainable fashion, starting from the cottonseeds, the very origin of the production chain. Nilo exquisitely blends GIZA 45 and GIZA 87 cotton fibers, producing the very soul of a one-of-a-kind cotton, soft and silky to the touch. The Nilo proposed counts are six with two different textures: structured and extra-soft. 36 colours are available in Stock service while all nuances can be obtained by order.

Filmar 2017 spring/summer collection is based on yarns created thanks to a balanced and privileged relation between nature and man. The materials used are natural, precious, exclusive and ennobled thanks to knowledgeable and eco-sustainable processes. The yarns are light and entrancing recalling the real essence of fibers, the soul of cotton. All threads are available in different titles and colours.

Among the new yarns is NILO, the first extra fine organic yarn which exquisitely blends GIZA 45 and GIZA 87 cotton fibers. NILO is the very soul of a one-of-a-kind cotton, soft and silky to the touch. The noble yarn is proposed in six counts, with two different textures: structured and extra-soft. 36 colours are available in Stock service while all nuances can be obtained by order. FILOSCOZIA® is a yarn produced exclusively from the finest, highest quality cotton making it durable and naturally shiny. Filoscozia creative suite collection made up of six different proposals, is renewed today of 54 new bright colours to enliven and personalize elegant knitwear summer. Garments made with Filoscozia® are natural, resistant, shiny, un-shrinkable and low-pilling.

The COTTON STORE is the largest Egyptian long staple cotton yarn stock service for the fashion industry. It is now available in 288 colours including 54 new solid colours and 42 new melange colours, in three counts. The Cotton Store aspires to meet the largest possible needs for knitwear, socks and weaving industries. The quality of 100% Egyptian cotton is guaranteed together with a reliable and fast service to avoid any possible delay.

ARTIC is the evolution in “hand crèpe” of Zero, 100% Egyptian cotton zero pilling yarn. With Artic, a perfect yarn is born, both clean and sharp. Just as ice is both smooth in essence and rough on the surface, so Artic has a clean-cut outline, with no pilling; ruffled only by the creping process. Artic is the combination of top quality raw material, the best Egyptian cotton, with the technological innovation of COM4 spinning, which eliminates every trace of pilling in the fiber. With Artic one can make thin, light, clean and crisp jumpers that do not stick to the body, but foster fresh, natural ventilation, perfect for the summer season. Now in its third edition, Arctic is available in 96 new colours, solid and mélange.

ZERO MELANGE is naturally elegant and pure. A zero pilling 100% cotton yarn, trendy and fashionable thanks to the new available mélange colours, all in stock service.

GLITZY a glittering yarn created by the embrace of thin lamé with cotton Zero. A rich and sophisticated thread. The Filaticolour 2017 spring/summer collection emphasizes the distinctive features, common to the various threads of the collection, such as the “Glamour Rolled” twisted threads, where polyester and cotton give brightness to colours, making them a “must have” for the most contemporary knitwear collections for spring/summer 2017.

BURRATO, a twisted yarn for 7 gg, particularly suitable for relief knitting and open stitches.

TOMBOLINO, a classical twisted yarn for 3 gg realized with pre-dyed materials.

LUCCIONE, same as Luccio but with cotton and lurex composition for 7 gg.

DUCA, bright chain enriched from insertion of a metallic fibre , on tone and in contrast, to give

a final either elegant and sports effect. Moreover, the brightness of viscose/cotton and viscose/nylon, makes the “Shine Viscose” very appealing with lights and shadows of colours to create different visual depths.

MICHIGAN, a yarn obtained from mixing cotton ( C20 colour card ) and bright viscose developed with tone on tone or in-contrast colours.

ATENA, beautiful tape yarn with bright effect mixed with raw white nylon. “Sensual linen” is created by the mixture of linen fibers with cotton and viscose.

WINNIPEG, chain for 3 gg with cotton/viscose/linen with pale and soft colours. “Luxury Yarn” the maximum of luxury for these mix of cotton and silk (with shiny and dull reflections) and cotton/nylon. The yarns are very soft and comfortable to the touch

BENACO, binary effect starting from yarn Bacotone (Filmar stock service) with possibilities of meeting customers’ different requests starting from Filmar colour card.

HURON, tape yarn in extremely valuable cotton/silk blend starting from Filmar Bacotone stock service.

BRAIES, cotton chain of a very particular and valuable silk starting from Filmar Bacotone col card. “Fancy Cotton”, a mouliné cotton yarn, flamed with buttons in solid colours, lame’ in diff blends with a very special final effect.

Glitzy, filato “glitterato”

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