From rap to fashion

Denim with yarn from see polyester recovery can stop the global warming. Every year 8 million of polyester bottles (PET), such as a truck per day, are thrown into oceans, forming real plastics islands.

A damage to the environment, but also an opportunity for the possibility of regenerating the polyester and turn it into fashion clothing. Let’s see the example of Pharrell Williams the well known rapper, producer and creative director of Bionic Yarn.

G star raw

In February 2014 Pharrell announces “RAW for the Oceans”, a partnership between the denim brand G-Star RAW and Bionic Yarn and after buying G-Star RAW, he launched his denim obtained with recycled see plastic bottles.

It account for about 700,000 bottles recycled each season, roughly two million bottles per year, all marching toward one single goal: to slow down the effects of global warming. “There are the naysayers who say global warming is not a thing, but they’re starting to see” he says with legitimate concern in his voice. Places are flooding, the heat index is going up higher than it’s ever been, record heat months already, you know, hotter than ever on this planet. So denim is a good proposition, because it’s something that lasts long, so there’s an interesting metaphor there. Our denim lasts long, but our climate and comfort on this planet is not.


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