Gunold’s Embroidery and Effect Threads

Loud contrasts on one side, harmony and quietness on the other side mark the current trends, at Première Vision Show in Paris.

Gunold’s range of thread thicknesses and structures underlines the different atmospheres perfectly: Thicker cotton (Gunold’s Cotty) or wool-like (Gunold’s Filaine) threads give character to sustainable and natural themes.

Strong and shimmery colour effects bring power to futuristic and rebellious stories. Slight neon effects brighten the darker season, e.g. a neon pink in 3D look from Gunold’s Poly range.

Surprising new embroidery structures present new haptic and tactile experiences, using plain and ombré shades from Gunold’s Sulky range.

A new thread development offers attractive options: Gunold’s New Poly Flash thread is made of polyester, but it offers the look of a metalic thread – the advantage is, it is very easy to use and is very soft at the same time, compared to a normal metallic thread!

All these and more innovative ideas will be presented on booth B 26 in hall 4 during the Premiere Vision Show in Paris.

Gunold’s Embroidery and Effect ThreadsGunold’s Embroidery and Effect Threads Gunold Feder Feather 10.37.09

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