Bangladesh Denim Academy

Bangladesh Denim Academy

Bangladesh Denim Expo presented the Bangladesh Denim Academy, a new educational platform for the culture of the industry.

Bangladesh Denim Expo never stops inspiring the global industry, even beyond the mere expo dates. Specifically formulated to act as a hub where key denim industry players can network and share their passion for denim, it is now launching a brand-new educational concept with the international denim expert Amy Leverton, dedicated to the people working in the field of blue. This is Bangladesh Denim Academy, a platform aiming to reduce the gap between local factories, mills, garment manufacturers and their clients by helping them to understand each-others needs.

Bangladesh Denim Academy Bangladesh Denim Academy

Bangladesh Denim Academy

Everything will be pursued through the organization of a series of master classes to provide insights on how the major brands, designers, mills think and work today. The first of these one-of-a-kind appointments is the Trend Seminar being held on 8 December 2016 in Dhaka. World renowned denim expert Amy Leverton spoke in the seminar chaired by Md. Mostafiz Uddin, CEO and Founder of Bangladesh Denim Expo.

In the seminar the denim trends for upcoming AW 17/18 have been analyzed and training has been provided to local industry professionals on how to develop denim products following the trends. The seminar also covered the topics such as colour patterns and style, evolutions in finishing, innovation etc.

Participants attended by invitation the seminar, but the knowledge and contribution of the seminar was open to all local denim human resources. The expo organizer assures that they will arrange such seminars and workshops during the year. Md. Mostafiz Uddin said: “One of the objectives of Bangladesh Denim Expo is to nurture local talents and educate them. The plan of organizing these workshops and seminars is derived from the urge to fulfill the objective.”

Bangladesh Denim Academy Bangladesh Denim Academy Bangladesh Denim Academy

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