Digitalization in the textile chain

At the debate in Amsterdam on June 14th, Chiaretto Calò, CEO of IMPRIMA lead a discussion “How apparel brands can transform supply chains” following the theme looking to the future: How digitalization is going to impact your operations.

The session explored what the digital revolution means for business, and how innovations in manufacturing are the new reality that help create sustainable durable products and scalable to suit smart customization.
Italian company Imprima is a global holding dedicated to research, development and innovation in the textile printing and finishing arena, and it is the first Fully Digital Industrial Platform, that today can offer a fully digitalized process in every step of its manufacture. Thanks to the acquisition of 100% of the German finishing and textile printing company KBC and 100% the Italian company Guarisco by WISE SGR, Imprima has been enriched by an international outlook that makes this company extremely competitive in the market. It will be reinforced in the next months with additional acquisitions in Italy and abroad, taking care to maintain best practices in terms of quality and service and the business identity of each company. In this way, Imprima represents a preferred partner for the fashion retailers.

Imprima boasts a Total Water Management guarantee through its own chemical/physical process of water depuration technologies able to reduce the consumption of water up to 90%, avoiding effluents, by circulating it in a virtuous recycling process, for example now needing only 1 liter of water compared to traditionally 12 liters needed in the past.

Imprima has adopted technologies, usually applied in other industrial sectors to optimize and innovate its production cycle, and invested in new technologies and raw materials, eliminating chemicals and harmful compositions of production nks to work towards deadline of Horizon 2020.

All Imprima innovations are easily scalable and sustainable, reducing resource consumption and pollution and anticipating the potential requests and limits yet to come from governments and institutions making Imprima a pioneer of the new digitalized sustainable business model.

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