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Inside Proposte will be held in Como the third edition of the International Observatory dedicated to Turkish and other Countries operators of the home textile industry.

In this interview we want to know better what it is.

– We know hs is the third edition of the International Observatory. How the idea was born in 2014?

International Observatory, now at the third edition, arises from the necessity expressed primarily by the exhibiting companies of Proposte to place order on the surrounding Villa Erba territory and to help organize, as far as possible, the spontaneous and disordered participations that have been held in several random structures for years and without the respect of any rule, at the expense of the Proposals and participating companies. The exhibitors are mainly of Turkish origin, thanks also to the collaboration established with the two reference associations, but there is also an important presence of Indian exhibitors and a company from Morocco.

What is expected in this edition?

A growing number of professional and international operators. The presence of a fair as well as a well-organized International Observatory, flanked to Proposte, certainly creates greater interest for international visitors, who find a wide choice for this market and product niche,and this may become a fundamental appointment for industry operators. During each edition we have always tried to improve the organization, especially the road, the signage and the visibility to bring visitors to all the locations within which the event takes place.

Which topic points can distinguish this edition from the previous: technological, material, creative…

The effort to renew a large number of collections is also remarkable among the exhibitors of the International Observatory, all of which are oriented to sell in many cases up to 90% of their sales to manufacturers worldwide.

What are the predictions from the market standpoint?

The home textile market still lives in a moment of uncertainty. Surely the commitment of companies in the research and development of innovative and cutting edge collections can be a time to compete with the global market and to identify new uses of fabric and curtain in the residential, contract and outdoor sectors.

What are the opinions of Turkish exhibitors? Are they in an association?

The Turkish Associations at the International Observatory are two: Utib, which has been a compact participant at the International Observatory since the first edition; and Dosab, who was present last year for the first time and who has returned again this year. Exhibitors are very pleased, as thanks to the structured organization in the four locations they can meet a much higher number of visitors than by participating individually in the various facilities that are rented even on days prior to the official launch of the event as End of visit to Proposed operators move to the International Observatory.

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