Tapestries and carpets art at Triennale

A century of tapestries and carpets of Italian artists exhibited at Triennale Milano (September 12 – October 8). A story of textile art in the tapestries and carpets industry in Italy.

The twentieth century was a significant period for the textile art, with a growing and deep interest of major artists, this art movement experienced intense novelties and an experimental blooming.

Due to their functional and decorative qualities, tapestries and carpets inspire many architectural projects during the century and fascinate artists wishing try their art in a new field.

Textile and pictorial art engages increasingly with each other. They do so by designing new patterns to be adapted for textile or by making their paintings available to be ‘translated‘ into colourful warps and wefts. So grew textile works not simple mechanical reproductions, but they appear as critical interpretations of paintings, a form of art with its own feature, or an original elaboration of an image through its own language.

Paola Besana

Paola Besana

This exhibition was conceived and organized by Moshe Tabibnia Research Centre in collaboration with Triennale of Milan.

The selection of 107 works shows the path of textile art in the twentieth century, have been divided into four chronological sections, following the events of the Italian production of the century.

This art tapestries and carpets exhibition represent an extraordinary occasion to see the Italian artistic scene in a new light by discovering the connection between pictorial and textile art.

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